Personal Experience Testimonies

The Personal Experience Testimony sessions target the presentation of the professional path of well recognized experts in QoE from a personal perspective, highlighting achievements, challenges, doubts, failures, etc.

Amy Reibman

Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA

“Quality research”: From academia to industry and back again


I restarted my academic career less than 2 years ago, by joining the School of ECE at Purdue University as a Professor. Prior to that, I was an industrial researcher at AT&T Labs - Research, and lived through its evolution of industrial research during my 23 years there. And before that, I was an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. I have been technical co-chair for IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, been a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Signal Processing Society, and currently I am Chair of the IEEE Fellow Selection Committee.

My early research considered how to effectively send video between computers. However, even in my years at Princeton I was intrigued by “quality research”: how can we measure perceptual quality? how can we apply it in real systems?

Touradj Ebrahimi

EPFL, Switzerland

Back to my future as a researcher !


I am a professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) working in teaching and research in multimedia signal processing. I am also Convener of the JPEG standardization committee which has produced a family of standards that have revolutionized the world of imaging. In the past, I was also an adjunct professor at NTNU and have founded two companies: Emitall SA which is a high-tech company active in the field of digital media innovations and Emitall Surveillance active in the filed of intelligent video surveillance systems. I represent Switzerland as the head of its delegation to SC29 (the body that oversees MPEG and JPEG standardization committees), and was the chairman of the SC29 Advisory Group on Management for many years until 2014. I serve as consultant, evaluator and expert for various governmental funding agencies in Europe, US and Asia and advise a few smaller and larger companies and venture capitalists in the general field of ICT and multimedia.