Social Events

Welcome Cocktail

  • Date: Monday, June 6.
  • Time: 18:30.
  • Location: Restaurante Lisboa Marina.
  • Address: Passeio Adamastor, Edificio Nau, L41, 2º piso, Parque das nações, 1990-007, Lisboa.
  • Website:
  • Price: Free for all registered attendees.

Situated in the charming harbour of Parque das Nações, Lisbon Marina restaurant is surrounded by water. Its architecture is based on the former Portuguese ships in honor of the Portuguese sailors. With a panoramic and breathtaking view over the port and Tagus River, it is possible see the entire Vasco da Gama Bridge, the eastern bank of the river and the lovely harbour with its boats entering and leaving. At night, it is possible to observe the moon reflected in the river water while during the day silver or blue streaks appear to be reflected by the water, offering us an amazing and relaxing landscape.

Conference Banquet

  • Date: Tuesday, June 7.
  • Time: 19:30.
  • Location: Bufalo Grill Restaurant.
  • Address: Rossio dos Olivais, 1990-231 Lisboa.
  • Website:
  • Price: Free for all registered attendees.

In the second night of the QoMEX Conference, all participants are invited to a lively Brazilian style dinner at the restaurant Buffalo Grill at Parque das Nações, Lisboa. The restaurant has a very privileged view of the Ocenarium, one of the world's most spectacular aquariums. Many nearby constructions have an oceanic theme, such as water volcanos erupting, wave-shaped benches, exotic greenery and public art by Portuguese and international artists. You can also view the twin towers São Gabriel and São Rafael, which resemble ships and are named after two vessels of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, the Atlantic Pavillion (concert arena), which is shaped like an upturned ship, and the fantastic Pavilhão de Portugal known for its remarkable undulating roof.

Social Events Location

Both social events are rather close the conference venue and may be reached by walking distance. The following map shows the location of both social events.