Short Papers

The full papers are available through IEEE Xplore. The short papers are now available for download here.

Duration Neglect in Multi-episodic Perceived Quality. [PDF]

Dennis Guse, Anna Wunderlich, Benjamin Weiss and Sebastian Möller.

StreamSim: A Video Streaming Simulation Toolchain for Unreliable Transport Mechanisms. [PDF]

Alexander Martin Dethof, Werner Robitza and Marie-Neige Garcia.

Towards Using Entertaining 3D Video Sequences in Entertainment-oriented Subjective Experiments. [PDF]

Dawid Juszka.

Diving Into Perceptual Space: Quality Relevant Dimensions for Video Telephony. [PDF]

Falk Schiffner and Sebastian Möller.

Crowd Workers Proven Useful: A Comparative Study of Subjective Video Quality Assessment. [PDF]

Dietmar Saupe, Franz Hahn, Vlad Hosu, Igor Zingman, Masud Rana and Shujun Li.

To Involve or not to Involve? Investigating the Contribution of Innovative Users to Subjective Video QoE Ratings. [PDF]

Karel Vandenbroucke, Aron-Levi Herregodts, Dimitri Schuurman and Lieven De Marez.

Revealing the Dark Side of WebRTC Statistics Collected by Google Chrome. [PDF]

Doreid Ammar, Poul Heegaard, Min Xie, Katrien De Moor and Markus Fiedler.

1. New Light Field Image Dataset. [PDF]

Martin Rerabek and Touradj Ebrahimi.

Towards Automated Subjective Quality Assessments. [PDF]

Maximilian Krumpholz, Benjamin Rainer and Christian Timmerer.

Evaluation of the Performance of ITU-T G.1070 Model for Packet Loss and Desynchronization Impairments. [PDF]

Ines Saidi, Vincent Barriac, Lu Zhang and Olivier Deforges.

Generating Realistic YouTube-like Stall Patterns for HTTP Video Streaming Assessment. [PDF]

Martín Varela, Hyunwoo Nam, Henning Schulzrinne and Toni Mäki.

KPI Mapping for Virtual Infrastructure Scaling for a Realistic Video Streaming Service Deployment. [PDF]

Rufael Mekuria, Michael McGrath, Christos Tselios, Dirk Griffioen and George Tsolis.

ViCoCoS-3D: Videoconferencing Common Scenes. [PDF]

Jesús Gutiérrez, César Díaz, Pablo Carballeira, Fernando Jaureguizar and Narciso García.

Games and Frames: A Strange Tale of QoE Studies. [PDF]

Florian Metzger, Albert Rafetseder, Christian Schwartz and Tobias Hoßfeld.

Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Neural Networks. [PDF]

Sebastian Bosse, Dominique Maniry, Klaus-Robert Müller, Thomas Wiegand and Wojciech Samek.

The SJTU HDR Video Sequence Dataset. [PDF]

Li Song, Yankai Liu, Xiaokang Yang, Rong Xie and Wenjun Zhang.

AVRate: An Open Source Modular Audio/Visual Subjective Evaluation Test Interface. [PDF]

Pierre Lebreton, Marie-Neige Garcia and Alexander Raake.

From a Different Point of View: How the Field of View of Light Field Displays affects the Willingness to Pay and to Use. [PDF]

Péter András Kara, Peter Tamas Kovacs, Maria G. Martini, Attila Barsi, Kristof Lackner and Tibor Balogh.

Audio-Video Databases for H.264-bitstream-based Quality Assessment of IPTV Services. [PDF]

Marie-Neige Garcia, Peter List, Bernhard Feiten, Ulf Wüstenhagen and Alexander Raake.

Quality of Immersive Experience in Storytelling: A Framework. [PDF]

Chenyan Zhang, Aud Sissel Hoel and Andrew Perkis.

Analysis of Gaze Patterns during Aesthetic Photo Quality Assessment. [PDF]

Hyeongnam Jang and Jong-Seok Lee.

On Test Principles for a QoE Evaluation Using Real Services. [PDF]

Albrecht Kurze and Maximilian Eibl.

A Novel QoE-Aware SDN-enabled, NFV-based Management Architecture for Future Multimedia Applications on 5G Systems. [PDF]

Alcardo Alex Barakabitze, Lingfen Sun, Is-Haka Mkwawa and Emmanuel Ifeachor.